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THE DANGERS OF SOLAR PANEL ELECTRICITY                                                            download printable version
Pain, Serious Injury, Cancer Death

Before Outlaying Thousands of Dollars:

This website has recently been approached by people asking us why they should suddenly be suffering unexplained health injuries and pain shortly after installing solar panel electricity systems.  Injuries listed below are only those coming directly to the notice of this website:

·         Headaches, usually unrelievable until leaving the house.

·         Feeling of pressure in the head.

·         Feeling of general unwellness.

·         Breathing difficulty especially at night through the nose.

·         Respiratory disorders for the first time in a lifetime, including pneumonia.

·         Mood Changes – e.g. a whole-of-life placid person suddenly becomes snappy.

Experience by persons associated with this website and others who have approached us in the past suffering health injuries similar to the above immediately suggested dangerously high levels of “dirty electricity”.  On testing it was found that the levels in the solar panel victims’ homes were far too high for our GS Meters to read (maximum meter reading is 2000 GS units).

Did You Know?

Professor Emeritus Martin Graham and Power Quality Expert David Stetzer (US Court recognized expert for electricity matters) identified “dirty electricity” as the cause of so much death, widespread injury particularly to children and lost farm production in mid-west USA.  They even had to design a special meter to measure the problem as none existed – it is known as the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter.  In honour of the splendid work carried out by Graham & Stetzer in the face of big business and Government, the World now measures dirty electricity in “GS units”. 

Given the correlation between GS units and electrical frequency being able to seriously damage human health and kill, dirty electricity is considered relatively safe only if the GS units are below 50.  As GS Meter readings increase over that 50 figure, the greater the risk of cancer and serious illness.  This is considered so important in some parts of the world that Government has mandated the power utilities supply at no more than 50 GS units.   

Our research shows there is much literature about death and serious injury from “dirty electricity” as GS units climb above the relatively safe count of 50 and that those in power do every thing they can to prevent the knowledge being made public.  

One well-known example of a cancer cluster occurred at California’s La Quinta Middle School.  Dr Sam Milham, the noted cancer cluster investigator, and Mr Lloyd Morgan the Director of the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS), uncovered La Quinta’s “dirty electricity” cancer cluster and made it public in the face of much opposition.  In the La Quinta Middle School investigations, the areas where cancer clusters occurred showed GS in the multiple hundreds to beyond the Stetzerizer’s reading capacity. Click here to read the Milham & Morgan report.

Until victims started approaching us in September 2011, we at “aimtolive”, were not even aware that solar electricity was dangerous.  This suggests that persons pushing solar electricity for their own agendas – eg solar panel companies, Federal Government, etc – are quite well aware of the dangers but are carefully concealing them from public notice.  Once learning of the deadly “dirty electricity” effect of solar panel electricity, we carried out some Microsurge Meter general testing in an area of Queensland, Australia to compare “dirty electricity” levels between various configurations of electricity used.  Figures generally were around:

·         Power company supply only:  90~105

·         Smaller kW solar panel installations:  480~600

·         Larger 3~4.5 kW solar panel installations:  too high for the 2000 capable Stetzerizer meter to read.


In solar panel systems connected to the electricity, the big increases in the dangerous “dirty electricity” seem to be associated with the process of the inverter.  This website has asked companies, including one advertising on GMail, whether they;

(a)      advise potential clients of “dirty electricity”, and

(b)      how do they prevent it for their particular installations.

Given that we are still waiting months later for a response or even the courtesy of an acknowledgement – we can only presume companies know full well the injuries their products cause and don’t want it known. 



If you don’t heed the advice within this website and you go ahead and install solar panel electricity without first doing your homework, then you have only yourself to blame if you spend many thousands of dollars and make yourself unwell or even dead.


In the interests of your health we strongly urge:

You obtain the loan of a Stetzerizer Microsurge meter or even buy one from a supplier: 

1.        Measure your home’s existing GS figures for dirty electricity on several days at different times – this will give you a base line starting point in case you need it.  Also measure some of your non-solar neighbours and their numbers should be similar to yours if measured on the same day at roughly the same time. 

2.        Measure solar or part solar electricity driven-homes near to you – if their GS figures are much greater than yours then any difference will give you an immediate scientifically measured guideline of how much extra risk you would expose yourself and your family to by installing solar panel electricity. 

3.        Ask your proposed supplier how does his/her company’s product prevent increasing the levels of the very dangerous dirty electricity.  Sadly, we have noted that companies for their own reason/s are even concealing that information from their in-field sellers so we suggest you write directly to the company CEO and ask that person for information.

4.        Possibly there are many people who may not be seriously or fatally affected by the dirty electricity of solar panel inverters but at $10,000 to $20,000 it’s a very expensive way to find out.  To safeguard your interests in case you should be one of those people badly affected, may we suggest you insist that your supplier insert a clause into your contract similar to:

"If any increase in GS units (Dirty Electricity) occurs as a result of installation of the system the company shall, at the company’s expense, rectify the situation to the customer’s satisfaction”.

This is not an unreasonable clause and if the company won’t give you the required assurance then you would be most wise to terminate all contact with them.


Criminality and Contract Opinion:

Where any person in a company or Government fails to disclose information known to them or reasonably suspected may cause serious injury or death, then that person is guilty of a criminal offence, an opinion we believe any independent legal tribunal immune to corporate dollars or Government pressure would support.  The precedent already exists in the tobacco industry over concealment of the injury and death truth. 

The shyster defence for defendants of course would be their client was unaware about “dirty electricity” risks.  To overcome this ‘able-to-be-manipulated’ loophole we say the Federal Government should legislate that all solar panel electricity installations be subject to a written contract with clearly visible writing at the start to the effect:

"It is the company’s obligation to draw to your attention that solar electricity panel installations may increase levels of dirty electricity on your wiring and this may cause serious health risks or death to susceptible people.  Before signing this contract you are advised to make your own dirty electricity enquiries and seek expert advice”.  



In 2000 (more than a decade ago) one country's Government, believed to be Sweden, acknowledged that 2% or 330,000 of their people were Electrically Hyper Sensitive (EHS).  This means that thousands of their citizens have to live isolated existences away from the cause in harsh conditions, especially during winter when they could be buried under metres of snow with little or no heating capacity.

According to Sage/San Francisco Medical Journal and more recently, research through Internet sources, between 2% and 3% of the world's population is Electrically Hyper Sensitive (EHS). When you realise the larger part of the world's population is nowhere near electricity such as in China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, South America, etc then the percentage of damaged people in the rest of the World has to be much greater than that quoted 2 or 3 percent.

In early November 2011, we asked an accountant what he thought of solar panel electricity. His opinion was that with a proposed installation for his own home, the Costs/Benefits analysis was not favourable, and so he declined to have it installed.


Comments in this document relate only to solar panel systems where there is a connection to the electricity supply, eg inverter.  It does NOT relate to panels where they only heat water passing through them, e.g. hot water / pool water heating.

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